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Busy areas of law for locums October 7th 2013

Which areas of law are busiest for locums at the moment?

Conveyancing, Commercial Property and, to a lesser extent, Wills & Probate law. Any conveyancing solicitors, licensed conveyancers and conveyancing legal executives will receive assignments off us at very regular intervals. For example we had 5 new locum posts on Friday October 5th. 3 were property law locum roles, 1 was in immigration (not entirely sure it is genuine!) and the final one an ad hoc company commercial post.

I suspect this percentage mix would be the answer regardless of whether it was October 2013. About 80% of our locum roles are residential conveyancing of some variety. We tend to find a few specialist posts out there – New Build in Essex tends to be a very difficult type of locum post to fill.

So if you are a conveyancing locum, now is a good time to be making hay whilst the sun shines. I am sure there is going to be a prolonged boom now for the next 3-4 years, and it is now that you need to be out there generating the work.

For other areas of law the work is much more sporadic. Locum work can be measured in ratios of time. At the moment conveyancing locums prepared to work nationally can expect at least 10 months in every 12 month cycle on assignment. Litigators can expect about 2 months in every 12 month cycle, if that.

So as it stands in October 2013 it is a good time to be a conveyancing locum and a bad time to be looking for family law work.

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