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Welcome to Interim Lawyers, the locum arm of the Ten Percent Group of websites! We have been working with locum solicitors for many years and offer a unique service to law firms that is quick, efficient and cost-effective for short term and long term assignments.

We have over 700 locum solicitors and legal executives registered with us for work, but are always on the lookout for more. Our service is simple and straightforward – you register with us as a Tier 2 Locum initially, which means you get our updates through of live assignments, and then progress to Tier 1 Locum Status once we have you registered with full ID and references.

Register as a Tier 2 Locum to receive regular updates on assignments available. You can either enter the details in the form below and upload a CV, or alternatively email your CV with your hourly rate and geographical locations to jobs@interimlawyers.co.uk.

Please note that in order to progress to Tier 1 Locum Status we will require you to provide a full CV detailing your working career since the age of 18, two references preferably in a ‘to whom it may concern’ format, proof of ID, proof of residence and a copy of any current practising certificate. We will undertake an online background check as well before you undertake any assignments through us.

To find out about our company, including our charitable donations, please click here.