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Anne Ferrario

Barrister(20 Years)

Barrister – highly experienced commercial, IT and IP lawyer who has worked in regulated and non regulated companies.

I am a highly experienced corporate /commercial and IT lawyer with experience of public/private sectors and regulated environments. I am practical in the approach that I take to all my work. I have excellent drafting and negotiating skills and have led the negotiations on many strategic/high value outsourcing and IT contracts with third parties (e.g. ECB, major IT suppliers).

In my last role I was responsible for the IT/IP work for the international group. This involved reviewing, drafting and negotiation contracts, advising on new legislation, supplier disputes and protection and enforcement of our IP, particularly copyright and trademarks.

I am able to work autonomously but am also used to working in a team (e.g. tax/finance, corporate procurement, HR). I am also comfortable working at a senior level (e.g. writing papers and making presentations to the board or regulators).

Qualifications : Barrister, MSc in International Animal Welfare Law, Edinburgh University (tbc).
Professional Memberships : Lincolns Inn (Barrister), BACFI, ICSA qualified (but now lapsed)
Area of Expertise : Information Technology Law, Outsourcing (International, high value and mainly IT related), Intellectual Property (particularly copyright and trademarks), IT/Commercial contracts (e.g. hardware, co-operation/joint ventures, licences (both as a licensee and as a licensor), maintenance, professional services, facilities management, webhosting, communications, networks and website link agreements), Data Protection. Advising on GDPR compliance, use of model standard contractual clauses, updating supplier and customer agreements.
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