Locum Services for Law Firms and In House Legal Departments


Management, Solicitor(30 Years)

No nonsense commercial property and residential property locum who can be relied on to step in, pick things up, make the right impression and who gets things done.

22+ years practising in England (including 8 as Partner) and approx 10 years earlier in Scotland. Worked with 40+ firms of all types and sizes.

Diverse experience and particular, stand out aptitudes and skills including:-

  • Troubleshooting and fire-fighting – being able to deal effectively with different situations, to adapt fast to different environments and to quickly identify and prioritise the key issues and manage risk
  • Organising and multi tasking – knowing how to project manage and recognising and flexibly adapting to changing timescales and constraints to restore balance, instil confidence and loyalty and turn potential complaints into business opportunities
  • Leading by example – acting with integrity and using instinct and intuition, taking the initiative to drive things forward and accepting responsibility to gain the trust, respect and cooperation of clients and colleagues alike, maintain and restore goodwill, uphold the firm’s reputation and encourage repeat business and referrals
  • Contributing and resolving – adopting a hard working ethic, showing resilience, discipline and tenacity, applying myself and communicating clearly and effectively to deal with substantial, longstanding backlogs of cases and intractable files, deliver value for money and successfully manage and overcome client hostility
  • Concluding – taking the starting point of any assignment as and focusing on the end goal of effectively rendering my role redundant to create the best platform for my successor
Qualifications : LLB (Hons) and Diploma in Legal Practice, University of Glasgow (1982-1987) and English Law Qualified Lawyers’ Transfer Test (1996).
Professional Memberships : Law Society of Scotland and England & Wales.
Area of Expertise : Residential Conveyancing, Commercial Property and Management.
  • London and commuting distance from Haslemere, Surrey.